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VDA 6.3 – Qualification for Process Auditor –
One-Week Training


This course is designed for participants who want to achieve their qualification as a certified VDA 6.3 process auditor in as short a time as possible.
We offer you the chance to acquire the necessary knowledge and take the exam within 5 days in the pleasant atmosphere of the training hotel.



Using the process approach and the respective customer-specific requirements, this course teaches you the basics for qualification as a VDA 6.3 process auditor. The introduction to the basics of process auditing includes general requirements, methods, principles, assessment scheme and risk analysis.
Furthermore, the underlying questionnaire is explained according to the attributed process elements, so that by applying the process audit you can identify the respective risks and potentials along the supply chain. The course focusses on the following points using practical examples:

  • Correlation with other requirements
  • Overview of the three different types of audits and explanation of the differences
  • Overview of the content of the individual VDA 6.3 chapters
  • Introduction to the process approach for risk analysis according to the Turtle model
  • Audit process from the audit programme to the end of the audit
  • Planning and conducting a process audit
  • Assessment scheme of a process audit
  • Code of conduct for process auditors
  • Process element 2 – project management
  • Process element 3 – planning product and process development
  • Process element 4 – realisation of product and process development
  • Process element 5 – supplier management
  • Process element 6 – process analysis production
  • Process element 7 – customer service
  • Attribution and assessment of audit findings
  • Audit report, documentation and conclusion
  • Process element 1 – potential analysis
  • Introduction to the current SI’s and FAQ’s

These training steps guide you through the basic requirements for process audits and enable integrated application in the automotive industry. These basics are used to correct, stabilise and optimise processes, and are developed in the exercises and case examples. The aim is to assure a reliable assessment.


Including VDA 6.3 – Examination day for certified process auditor

Target Audience

Personnel from QM departments tasked with conducting process audits in their own organisation (internal) or in the supply chain (external). Furthermore, this course also addresses external auditors (service providers).


Course Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of the established quality tools and methods
  • Knowledge of applicable management system requirements
  • Knowledge of further applicable customer-specific requirements
  • Product and process knowledge in the planned area of application
  • Relevant professional experience depending on the area of application according to VDA volume
  • Admission to the exam is granted after positive review of your application
  • Evidence of auditor qualification based on DIN EN ISO 19011 (e.g. VDA auditor)
  • At least 5 years’ industrial experience, 3 of which in QM

Please Attend

For the card, we need a digital passport photo in JPEG format in advance.



5 days

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